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Since cigarette smoking is harmful for one’s health and second-hand smoking is even worse for families, many people are seeking ways to quit smoke. There are several ways you can try to stop smoking; following are some of the most popular quit smoking remedies available today.

Nicotine Replacement
This includes nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, which reduce the need for nicotine. Each of these products actual contains nicotine that is delivered to the body in small doses. Lava Tube Electronic Cigarette is a good alternative for nicotine cigarettes. Over the course of the treatment the dosage is reduced until you no longer crave a cigarette.

Prescription Medications
These products do not contain any nicotine. Instead they use a drug that affects the brain in a similar fashion to nicotine. Like nicotine replacement the dosage is gradually reduced.

‘Cold Turkey’
This is the oldest, and some claim, the most difficult way to stop smoking. You simply stop smoking cigarettes and rely on your willpower alone to quit. You can try to stop suddenly from one day to the next or slowly reduce the number of daily cigarettes you smoke over a period of time.

Herbal Remedies.
Although there is no conclusive evidence that these methods work, herbal remedies have become very popular. This is because they offer a natural remedy to help you kick the smoking habit. Herbals are injected into Electronic Cigarette Liquid to help quit smoking.

Hypnotism is used to help the individual overcome the psychological need for cigarettes. Like the herbal remedies there is no proof that hypnotism to stop smoking works. However many people who have used this method have been able to quit successfully.

Laser Treatment
Sometimes called Soft Laser or Cold Laser this treatment uses laser beams to stimulate nerve centers in a way similar to acupuncture. This in turn relieves the craving for nicotine. Laser treatment is a safe and painless way to quit smoking, which is perhaps why it is quite popular. Like many alternative treatments however, laser therapy is not scientifically proven.

What works for one person doesn’t always mean it will work for you. The most popular way of quitting smokes begins with e-cigarette starter kit. Be prepared to try several ways to quit smoking before you succeed. One thing that does help when you are trying to quit is to change or reduce all the things you associate with smoking. This includes drinking alcohol and coffee for example.

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