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Fiber invention caused a revolution in communications technology, constitute the coming 21st century information society is a major factor. 1966 was born in Shanghai, China, Chinese British Kao, published papers, “Optical Frequency Dielectric fiber surface waveguides,” made of quartz glass fiber transmitting light signals to communicate, enabling long-distance, large-capacity communication.
In 1976, the United States in Atlanta to Washington, Bell Labs has established a world’s first practical fiber-optic communication lines, rate of 45Mb / s, using the multi-mode fiber, using a LED light source LED, the wavelength is 0.85 microns infrared light. In the late 70s of last century, large-capacity single-mode fiber and long-life semiconductor lasers developed. Optical fiber communication systems are beginning to show long-distance, high-capacity incomparable superiority. Wavelength Division Multiplexer technology breakthrough in 1996, Bell Labs developed the WDM technology, the U.S. company MCI in 1997, opened a business in the WDM line.
1973, the world’s optical fiber communication has not yet practical. Wuhan Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications began to study optical fiber communication. Wuhan Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications as using quartz optical fiber, semiconductor lasers and the correct coding standard communication equipment technical route, so that optical fiber communication technology in the development of our country less quite a few detours, so that optical fiber communication in high-tech in China and developed countries with smaller gaps.
Foreign technology cannot learn the basic, purely their own way, everything their practice, including fiber optic, optoelectronic devices and Video Optical Transmission wholesale systems. The development of optical fiber, the raw material purification, melting lathe, wire drawing machines, including fiber optic test instruments and tools are all to continue their development extremely difficult.
1978, after years of reform and opening up, optical fiber communication greatly accelerate research and development work. Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan and Guilin have developed a test Video Optical Transmission equipment. Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications in 1982, key research project “82 Project” launched in Wuhan. The project is called practical projects, and demand is a commercial product, not all test materials, to meet the international CCITT standards, to the Design Institute of design, construction workers, rather than the construction of scientific and technical personnel. Since then, China’s optical fiber communication step.
The mid 80s in the 20th century, the digital optical fiber communication has reached a rate of 144Mb / s, can send 1980 Road, telephone, over coaxial cable carrier. As a result, optical fiber communication widely adopted as a mainstream, replacing all the transmission lines on the cable.

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