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Various polypropylene and nylon yarns with different properties and play characteristics are used to manufacture the sports carpets. A complete range of sand-filled, sand-and-rubber-filled, semi-sand-filled, water-based carpets are available, suitable for hockey, football, tennis, bowls, cricket and multisport. The synthetic running track, artificial surface or astro turf are laid onto foundations consisting of geotextiles, sub-base and engineered base layers and shockpads, giving pitches strength, stability, porosity, longevity and resilience.
Synthetic surface, artificial surface or astro turf pitches incur lower maintenance costs than conventional turf/grass. Shock pads minimise the risk of injury and impart much less stress on the players, coaches and officials. Synthetic surfaces can be designed by synthetic running track manufacturer either to maximise the number of activities that can be played upon them or to be used quite specifically for only one sport.
The synthetic surface, artificial surface or astro turf will maintain even levels and resist movement in the playing surface. The surface will provide the ideal playing characteristics under a very wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.
The method of construction can be either an engineered tarmac or a dynamic sub base of clean graded stone, which is additionally supported by strong geotextile separators thus preventing the infiltration of fines into the sub-base which can lead to the distortion of the level profile.
A suitable sports carpet is laid on top of the shock pad and drainage layer (a 3-dimensional core bonded between two non-woven geotextives).
The synthetic running track surface is individually designed and constructed to emulate as near as possible a good natural turf surface whilst meeting the high standards demanded for safe and successful sport in the near future.

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