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With the improvement of people’s lives, people pay more attention to their own security day by day, whether at home or out. Video recorder, an important part of the security system, has walked into our lives. In banks, shopping malls, airdromes and residential quarters, we can see video recorders installed in the walls, corridors or elevators. But the discovery of monitoring alarm is made by human beings. Sometimes they are not the observers to be trusted completely, because of their own physical limits. The invention of HD Network Video Recorder has overcome the shortcoming of the traditional video recorder.

Based on common network video monitoring, HD network video recorder has many advantages. Except for common monitoring feature, its biggest advantage is that it can give a real-time intelligent video analysis automatically 24-hours. It has thoroughly changed the mode of monitoring and analysis by the security personnel on the monitor screen. Meanwhile, intelligent technology has turned the analysis afterward into another one in time and an early warning. In general, HD network video recorder can not only identify suspicious activity, but also can remind security personnel to take notice of related monitor screen and to be prepared in advance before the security threats take place. Thus it can greatly improve the speed of response.

Besides the field of security, HD network video recorder can also be used in traffic management, customer behavior analysis, customer service and other non-safety-related scenes in the future. On the highway, intelligent video recorder can monitor the entire vehicle operation. Once the IP Video Surveillance system observes a chain of accidents caused by the emergency brake, it can immediately inform the vehicles a few hundred meters away. So it can improve the safety of people’s travel greatly. In supermarkets or retail stores, intelligent video recorder can help the boss count the number of customers on the same day for the analysis of sales.

In fact, the core of the technology of intelligent video recorder is a set of algorithm software, which can read video data. By algorithms of finding the target, tracking the target, identifying target type and target behavior automatically, it can analyze and extract critical information in the video source, and issue a warning signal promptly.

It is believed that our lives will become more intelligent and secure with the further application of the technology of intelligent video surveillance. And it will play an important part in our lives.

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