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Now, wherever you go, you are under the surveillance of video monitoring system. You will find cameras tuck away in the ceiling corner of banks, supermarkets, airport lobbies and many other public places. It is reported that London under strict surveillance with every ten Londoners living under one camera. Though it feels a little bit absurd of living under the cameras, they do make or life much safer. However, conventional video monitoring system can’t entirely rule out potential dangers lurking in our life.

First of all, conventional video monitoring system has to be watched and operated by personnel. The reason is that conventional video monitoring system can’t analyze the video clips it records and it requires personnel’s control to switch the angle of cameras. This means the personnel watching the monitoring system has to stay on constant alert to track emergencies. Then problems arise. What if the person dozes off when unexpected incident takes place? intelligent video surveillance might come as a perfect solution. An intelligent monitoring system is capable of carrying out intelligent video analysis and making right decisions accordingly. It changes the angle of cameras automatically to keep track of the progress of the incident. On one hand, an intelligent monitoring system ensures that emergencies will be dealt with on time. On the other hand, it saves the expense of having personnel to watch the monitoring system.

Besides serving public interests, intelligent monitoring system is also beneficial to individuals. So far, intelligent monitoring devices such as HD network video recorder and smart cameras network have been used in people’s cars or houses. Take car HD network video recorder as an example. Car theft is shared concern of people living in dangerous neighborhood. But when you leave your car with HD Network Video Recorder working on, it will write down all that is happening to and around your car. Car owner could tell what exactly happens to his or her car by watching the high-definition image. Still, smart camera network also works to write down any break-in or burglary, making your home a safe haven.

Still, intelligent monitoring system can magnify image written down in distance. For examples, investigators often can’t identify the suspect of a bank robbery or theft because conventional monitoring system can’t magnify the image it writes down. Contrarily, IP Video Surveillance system allows magnification of specific features of people or physical subjects appeared in the image. Apparently, this function greatly improves the effectiveness of monitoring.

In all, intelligent monitoring system has overcome major weaknesses of conventional monitoring system. By filling in the system loopholes, intelligent monitoring system does make both public and private surveillance smarter and more effective.

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