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Nowadays it is a well-known fact that smoking is harmful to health. Researches of experts all over the world have already demonstrated that smoking is related to about 40 kinds of life-threatening diseases, including lung cancer, other cancers, heart disease, variety of pulmonary diseases, etc. According to the report, more than 4 million people die from diseases caused by smoking all around the world each year. More than that, passive smoking does more harm than what people have realized.

The cigarette smoke contains thousands of harmful substances, among which there are 69 kinds of substances that may be carcinogenic or cancer-promoting. Nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide and radioactive substances are considered to be the most threatened. While smoking, these substances would irritate the airways, damage the vascular intimal, reduce the ability of erythrocyte to carry oxygen to the whole body, or even accelerate the canceration. So with people’s growing consciousness of health, it becomes popular these days to quit smoking.

Being as a substitute for cigarette for those who want to quit smoking, electronic cigarette is very similar to it in both taste and shape. However, the difference between them is that electronic cigarette has only one kind of harmful substance called nicotine. In addition, Electronic Cigarettes have only 1/3 nicotine content of the traditional ones. On the request of smoking bans of most countries, it is not under control. According to the statement of WHO, it is sold legally in more than 50 countries and regions.

The e-cigarette starter kit has very simple mechanism. Rechargeable battery, liquid volatiles (the smoke cartridge), heater strip, pressure sensor, control circuit board and light-emitting diode (LED) work together to comprise the electronic cigarette. It is the rechargeable battery that provides energy for electronic cigarette. The LED at the end of the cigarette glows when smoking. At the same time, the propylene glycol in the smoke cartridge would volatilize and be atomized at high-pressure. This kind of Lava Tube Electronic Cigarette does no harm to human body. Besides, the perfume in the smoke cartridge is able to adjust the smell of it. In this way people would feel nearly the same as smoking.

Generally there are several kinds of cartridges to choose from, each having different content of nicotine. In that case, smokers could rid the dependence on cigarette gradually. From this perspective, we can say that electronic cigarette is a far-reaching invention to human health. Therefore, it certainly has good prospect for future application.

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