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Centrifugal pump can commonly be seen in industry. It is designed based on the principle of centrifugal force. It is indispensable equipment in water supply system. To briefly know about centrifugal pump, this article will first introduce the basic structure of centrifugal pump and then give its operating principle. The High Pressure Water Pump is composed of six parts: impeller, pump, shaft, bearing, sealed ring and stuffing box. The core of the centrifugal pump is impeller, and its blades play a major role in the high speed and output force of centrifugal pump. Before assemble the impeller, it has to pass the static equilibrium experiments. Both the inside and outside surfaces of the impeller require to be smooth to reduce the friction loss of water.

The pump, which is also known as the pump casing, is the main body of water pump. It plays a part of supporting and fixing the whole Electric Water Pump. It also connects with brackets which are used to install bearings. The role of shaft is to transport the torque of electric motor to impeller by the connection between coupling and electric motor. So it is a major component of mechanical energy transfer. The bearing is a small part on the shaft that is used to support the shaft. Water Pump manufacturers generally provides two kinds of bearings, which are rolling bearings and plain bearings. Sealed ring is also known as leakage ring. If the gap between the imports of impeller and pump case is too big, the high pressure water will flow to low pressure area along this gap. This will reduce the efficiency of effluent. And too small space will lead to the abrasion between the impeller and pump case. The stuffing box is mainly made up of fillers, sealed ring, tube fillers, packing gland and sealed tubes. The primary effect of the stuffing box is to close the interspace in order to prevent water from flowing outside the pump and insure that there will be no air coming into the pump.

Centrifugal force makes it possible for centrifugal pump to send out water. Pump body and water inlet have to be filled with water in order to make a vacuum environment. When the impeller revolves quickly, the water also circulates swiftly driven by the impeller vanes. The gyratory water flows out the impeller under the action of centrifugal force. After being thrown, the central part of the impeller becomes vacuum. Source water enters into the water pipe under the effect of atmospheric pressure. Centrifugal pump works continuously in accordance with this circle. Apart from water applied system, centrifugal pump can be used in liquid conveying, cooling system, industrial cleaning system, aquaculture, fertilization system and so on. It is really essential and broad applied in national economy.

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