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Intelligent video surveillance system is developed on the basis of the traditional video surveillance system, but there are great differences on it, which includes more advanced video surveillance technology. Because intelligent video surveillance can automatically detect, track and identify different objects with intelligent video analysis.

Intelligent video surveillance system analyzes the monitor screen uninterruptedly through intelligent analysis module or software, achieving active coding, alarm and storage of anomalies and suspected threats, therefore completely changing the way that the monitor screen is watched and analyzed by monitoring personnel. At the same time, intelligent technology turns the ex post facto analysis of general monitoring system into early warning, not only being able to identify suspicious activities-a suspicious object left behind in public places or someone staying in the sensitive region for too long time- but also prompting security personnel to concern about the monitor screen and prepare in advance, thus greatly improving the speed of response.

Intelligent video surveillance system makes life become more intelligent and safer. Network video surveillance system in the community generally sets the Community Management Office as the monitoring center and adopts TV wall of the video surveillance system to monitor, realizing digital video recording function. HD IP Network Surveillance is installed in the important positions of the resident community, namely the main entrance, corridor, elevator, parking, important rooms so that monitoring personnel will be able to take emergent measures in time in the event of theft, fights and other abnormal situations so as to create a safer living environment for residents.

Intelligent video surveillance technology will not be limited to the field of security; in the future it can also be used in traffic management, customer behavior analysis, customer service and other non-safety-related scene. On the highway, intelligent video surveillance system can monitor the entire vehicle operation conditions. Once the camera observes a chain accident caused by the emergency brake, drivers at a distance of a few hundred meters away will be immediately informed, thus greatly improving the safety of people on the journey. In the supermarket or retail store, the HD IP Network Surveillance wholesale can help to count the number of customers that day utilized to analyze the sales status.

With further extensive application of intelligent video surveillance technology in the future, people’s life will more intelligent and safe. For instance, if a suspicious intruder appears in your home, the intelligent video surveillance system installed at home will immediately make an alarm, informing you by mobile phone; if there is something abnormal happening to the elderly or children staying at home, the system will notify you immediately to take measures.

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