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A network video recorder, abbreviated as NVR, is basically a network camera which provides you with simultaneous recording and real time access to both the live streaming as well as the recorded video content. NVRs are used in tandem with network cameras which capture pictures and send compressed video through the network. NVRs have the ability to be used on a normal IP network. People buy Network Video Recorders to record audio and video data from enabled network devices like an IP camera. The main advantage of a NVR is that it’s easy to use for viewing, managing and storing the data from far away through internet access.

A network video recorder is a computer-less surveillance system solution. Based on the Linux platform these NVRs are ready to be used out of the box and have a built in video port to which you can simple connect a monitor and view all the action. Other advantages of NVRs include automatic camera registrations and an interactive genuine user interface. Many organizations buy Wholesale Network Video Recorder for their special features like filtering out unnecessary parts of video being recorded and for also some video analytics tools such as motion detection, missing and foreign object detection, event recording and its notification.

Other advantages of a network video recorder include easy installation; most are pre-installed with necessary recording and video management functions and a GUI that can control PTZ cameras. However before one decides to buy network video recorder there are a few factors one should be aware of that need to be used as a criterion. If you happen to use a high resolution IP camera, say with megapixel capabilities then most present day NVRs won’t support it. In such a case your IP camera will be massively under-utilized.

The OS of a normal network video recorder today is based on the Linux platform as it is believed to be the most stable, low cost and can be easily modified. There are NVRs with other Oases as well and you will have to decide which suits your requirement the best. A good wholesale NVR allows you to add any number of camera license keys for system expansion without disturbing the existing arrangement. If you require live video surveillance you should buy network video recorder that has a video port through which a monitor can be connected while if the requirement is only for remote monitoring then a web interface over an IP network will be more relevant to you.


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