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The modern community makes use of the intelligent management, which is beneficial to the management of it for the intelligent management is time-saving and labor-saving. In addition, the intelligent management can’t do with the closed circuit television system.

The function of CCTV system
CCTV system assists the defense system to monitor what is actually happening important part of it and around the community the whole day, which is its main function. Generally speaking, there are CCTV camera system that keeps watch on the public places such as the stair gates and parks and the important entrance and exit such as elevator gates and storey passages in the buildings. In this way, it can record what is happening. If the defense system releases alarm, it will work with the camera starting to switch the image of the alarmed monitoring area to the master monitor or screen. At the same time, CCTV system will start the standalone digital video recorder so that the manager and guard get and deal with varied situation in a timely, rapid and exact way.

The basic structure of CCTV system
Closed Circuit Television is short for CCTV, which is the image array exchange system controlled by the computer. Using CCTV system control console, the operator is able to pick out different CCTV digital video recorders to show its images on the relative image monitor. If the camera shot has the remote control function of pushing and pulling and turning, the operator can remote control the camera by means of other buttons on the joystick or console. The recorder, image slicing machine and image process equipment can work with CCTV equipment. Still, they all can be remotely controlled by the CCTV console.

At the same time, the standalone standalone DVR CCTV can deal with the outer alarm signal automatically, which can be shown by the fixed monitors according to the process. What’s more, it can monitor the image signal level of the camera. In other words, if there is something wrong with the camera, CCTV system will alarm and record it in time.

Therefore, we can see that the CCTV camera system is a kind of image communication system. Its signal passes on from the source to the specific television arranged ahead of time, which is interlinked with the source. In fact, the closed circuit television system is widely used in the monitoring management, education and TV meetings and so on.


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