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Are you suffering from neck pain or back pain because of sitting for long at work? Office worker should pay attention to seating posture. VIVA Ergonomic Office Chair offers adjustable seat with comfortable padded headrest and armrest, in order to prevent repetitive stress injury.

There are some important advantages of a VIVA ergonomic office chair. Only with these smart functions, can users enjoy their sitting more comfortable and flexible, even for a long period.

Backrest of an ergonomic chair should be wide enough to accommodate all sorts of people. Backrest needs to be designed properly to support the natural curve of the spine. VIVA ergonomic chairs has high back leather office chairs and mid-back types, applying synchronous mechanism to create the best sitting experience for users.

Seat height adjustment is important to maintain a proper seating posture. Spine related problems occur when the whole weight of the body is not distributed properly throughout the body. Your leg needs to reside on the floor to prevent back pain, so it is important to adjust the chair’s height according to individual needs.

Lumbar support for office chair offers steady support to user’s spine curve effectively. If a chair fails to provide lumbar support, users need to put small pillow or anything else to support their spine instead to make sitting experience comfortable.

Armrest and headrest are important support for muscle relief. An ideal armrest should offer support to the arms during long hours of work. VIVA ergonomic chairs offer adjustable armrests with optional support for your elbows and forearms, helping relieve shoulder strain effectively. VIVA high back office chair with headrest provides adjustable headrest with tilt tension control, making an amazing chair fit for both home and office sitting.

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