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With the reliance on computer operation people spend more and more time sitting in front of monitors, without notice of cervical spine injury. Ergonomics concept was brought up since 1970s that ergonomic chairs fit an individual’s needs and provide support where the individual needs. Today, office chairs often designed with adjustable seats, armrests, backs, back supports, and heights to prevent repetitive stress injury and back pain associated with sitting for long periods.

Compared with traditional chair, an ergonomic office chair is built with specific attention to details that affect the body as it performs certain office tasks. The science of ergonomics has provided research and guidance for manufacturers to build the best ergonomically designed chairs for those who demand not only comfort but healthy body support.

An ergonomic computer chair is usually multi-functional with its ability to adjust to every part of the user’s body by perfectly providing support to the neck and back especially for those who may sit at an office chair for long periods of time. The seating units of an ergonomic chair provide adjustable mechanisms that allow the seat to tilt forward or backward and also provide adjustable lumbar support.

There are many different types of ergonomic office chair. High-back ergonomic chair is one of the most preferred types for its extra support to the neck and shoulders. Adjustable design is the number one element that sets ergonomically built office chairs apart from any other type. Some other advantages of ergonomic seating units include precise padding of important areas of the chair, breathable covering, and task specific designs. The seat offers durable leather surface and comfortable padded headrest and armrest to ensure you a relaxing rest experience. Mesh material made office chair is a very popular affordable ergonomic office chair option as well. Thanks to its breathability, users can stay comfortable and cool in these kinds of mesh office chairs during summer days.

Ergonomically designed office chair is built to be task specific in order to support the body while performing certain jobs. VIVA Chair is a professional office chair supplier, striving to provide healthy solution for best reclining office chair. See more about executive chairs, desk chairs and task chairs on www.vivaoffice.us


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