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Ergonomic office chairs are one of the most popular accessories in modern offices. An ergonomic reclining office chair is functionally designed to fit different sitting postures and reduce the stress load on the back, shoulders and neck of an office worker.

An ergonomic office desk chair protects office workers from the risk of injuries. Many office workers spend at least eight hours a day sitting in office chairs. An ergonomic office chair will set workers free and relieve pain in the back, neck and legs caused by sitting long periods. A professional ergonomic office chair is acceptable for different types of body, with adjustable height, headrest, armrest, etc. Instead of a straight back chair, the back of an ergonomic chair is curved, which provides thorough support to the waist to create the most comfortable sitting experience.

The best ergonomic office chair today combines practical use and style together which come with a number of features such as ability to tilt, armrests and adjustability of the seat. VIVA office chair complies with international health and safety standards of BIFMA, and will provide office workers with a much more comfortable and healthy environment.

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