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There are different types of ergonomic chairs for office available in the market. There’s really no “the best” ergonomic chair that suits everybody that uses it. Although, there are certain features that you need to consider for it to be a good ergonomic chair. These features should be able to cater to the specific needs of its user. This article will explain the different types of office chair so you’ll have a good idea of what kind of office chair suits you best.

1. Executive Office Chairs

Also referred to as Managerial chairs, these office chairs are often made with leather and have higher backs. They typically come with adjustable neck rests or headrests. The executive high back leather office chair also usually has a kind of a knee-tilt mechanism, which is great for multi-tasking, as it enables the user to switch from doing computer work to engaging in phone conferences easily. Executive chairs also have upholstered arms and upholstered backrests. VIVA OFFICE launched a latest type of recliner napping chair, which has adjustable depth lever reclining incremental footrest, helping everyone feel a little more relaxed.

2. Medical Chairs and Laboratory Chairs

If you were working in a laboratory, it would be advisable to use an ergonomic laboratory stool placed on top of a tall cylinder. It may or may not have arms. When you are using a taller stool, you may need to think of using a footrest so that your feet would be properly supported, especially your ankles and knees. Medical chairs and dental chairs have ergonomics incorporated in their design, as well. These chairs have the features of adjustable height and lumbar support that is inflatable and footrest options, among others.

3. Task Chairs

These chairs usually are designed with a mid-back, which allows greater movement in a computer workstation. They can be ordered with arms or without arms. VIVA OFFICE provides comfortable ergonomic mid-back mesh task chair with adjustable tilt tension and built-in lumbar support, making you feel relaxed and easy at work.

4. Intensive-Use Chairs

Intensive-use chairs are also called 24/7 seating. These are used for control rooms, emergency dispatch units of 911 and security monitoring departments. These ergonomic chairs are very durable and comfortable as those who use them usually sit on them for a long time every day. The comfort provided by an ergonomic chair is crucial in making sure that the user is always alert.

5. Industrial Chairs

In the manufacturing industry, it is important to combine ergonomics with durability, as is the case with industrial ergonomic chairs. They come with floor caster that is specifically made for concert floors. Some other important things to look for an industrial ergonomic chair are the fabric and material used, as well as the ease of maintenance.

A good office chair is very important if you’re going to sit at a desk all day. Proper back and posture support of a qualified ergonomic office chairs are really helpful if you want to keep yourself feeling good over the long haul. VIVA OFFICE highly recommend the leather reclining office chair with footrest, which is multifunctional, combining all the advantages of ergonomic office chairs together! It’s really comfy and beyond your imagination.


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